Modals (can,could,May, Might,Must,Will,Shall,Would,Should,Used to ,ought to)


Mood :- मनोदशा ,मानसिक , स्थिति |
Modals :- can,could,May, Might,Must,Will,Shall,Would,Should,Used to ,ought to etc.

1. Can ( सकना , सकता हैं ) :- का प्रयोग present tense में किया जाता हैं |
Ability, capacity , Power , Permission , intelligent , Possibility
Example :- (a) I can teach english .
(b) I can left 100 kg.
(c) I can run fast.
(d) I can beat him.
(e) I can solve this question.
(f) I can speak english.
(g) I can make tea.
(h) I can cook rice.
(i) I can drive the car.

(A)Possibility :-
(a) They are in new dress. They must be going to a party.
(b) Hari has three cars he must be rich.
(c) Khali can push the bus.
(d) Akshay may push the bus.
(e) Shahid Kapoor might push the bus.
(f) Today is sunday he may go home.
(g) Today is monday he might go home.
(h) There are clouds in the sky it may rain today.
(i) The sky is clear. It might rain today.
(j) There are no cloud in the sky. It might rain today.

(B) Permission:-
(a)Formal-may(to take)
(b)Inforamal-can(to give)
(a) May I come in sir ?
(b) May i come in ?
(c) You can come in.
(d) You can go.
NOTE:- यदा-कदा होने वाली घट्नाओं के लिए can का प्रयोग करते है |
(a) An accident can happen everywhere.
(b) The Ramayan can be found in every hindu's house.
NOTE:- यदि किसी चीज़ की सम्भावना जानने के लिए प्रश्न किया जाये तो can का प्रयोग करते है |
(a) Can this boy be thief?
(b) Can this crow be white?

(2) Could:- सका था, सकता था | ({Past tense के लिए use करते है |
(a) I could speak english when I was youth.
(b) I could lift 100kg when I was youth.
(c) I could solve puzzel when I was twenty years.
(d) I could befool him when I was a boy.
NOTE:- वर्तमान काल में विनम्र निवेदन के लिए could का प्रयोग किया जाता है |
(a) Could you tell me way to the hotel ?
(b) Could you send me money?

(3) May:- सकना , सकता है |(present tense)
Permission, possibility, curse, bless, wish, pray, purpose.
(a) May you go to hell?
(b) May you go to heaven?
(c) May you return safe?
NOTE:- so that/ in order that हो तो अर्थात्:-
(a) Kajal takes medicine so that she may get well.
(b) Seema works hard so that she may get good marks.

(4) Might:- Remove Possibility
NOTE:- वर्तमान कल में विनम्र निवेदन के लिए could, का प्रयोग किया जाता है लेकिन जिन वाक्यों में संदेह या संकोच का भाव हो तो might का प्रयोग करते है |
Examples:- (a)Might(could) I use your telephone?
(b)Might(could) I take your scooter?

(5) Must:- चाहिए|
Compulsion, obligation, necessary, strong possibility, command, strong advice.
(a) We must go to school in time.
(b) We must go to school in uniform.
(c) We must pay our taxes our time.
(d) We must work hard to pass.
(e) We must have oxygen to save our lives.
(f) You must stay where you are.
(g) Rajesh is aan intelligent he must get good marks.
NOTE:- Should--चाहिए
Must:- ही चाहिए |

(6) Should:- Advice, suggestion, moral duty, lest.
(a) We shpuld bat he daily.
(b) We should obey our elders.
(c) You should not go there.
(d) Walk slowly lest you should full down.
(e) Put on warm cloth lest you should catch cold.

(7) Will:- गा, गे, गी |
Will:- I और we के साथ use करते हैं |
General instruction, promise, willingness, offer, determination, warning.
(a) I will help you.
(b) I will kill you if you make any mistake.
(c) I willl join the army after two years.
(d) I will do better next time.
(e) I will bring you tea or coffee whichever you like.

(8) Shall:- गा, गे, गी |
क़ानूनी नोटिस तथा कर्तव्य परायणता के लिए shall का प्रयोग करते है |
P.M. shall be elected for five years.

(9) Would:-
(A)"Like to" के साथ|
(a) I would like to love with princes.
(b) I would like to meet Ravi.
(B)"Rather" के साथ |
(a) I would rather die than beg.
(b) I would rather read them watch movie.
(C) Polite request, past habbit, intantion, choice etc
(a) I would smoke in my childhood.
(b) I would sing song in my schooldays.
(c) Would you like our house?
(d) Would you take tea or coffee?
(e) Sometimes my father would get angry.

(10) Ought to:-"Should" की तरह |
(a) We ought to obey our elders.
(b) He ought to come here soon.
(c) He ought to respect our teacher.

(11) Used to:- भूतकालिक घटना |
(a) Ram used to play football in his childhood.
(b) I used to swim in my childhood.
NOTE:- यदि sentences में past habbit का जिक्र किया गया हो तो सबसे पहले used to का प्रयोग एवं इसके बाद हमेशा would का प्रयोग होता है |

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